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01 /05 – ABOUT US

Stereo Productions is an independent music company established in 2000. It was founded and owned by DJ Chus, a legendary house music DJ and producer with over 30 years of professional experience. Stereo represents the most influential Spanish electronic music label, focusing on new, world-class talent. Its cutting-edge music is transmitted worldwide; the Iberican Sound is the group’s hallmark.

The label boasts a diverse repertoire of dancefloor, underground, and chart-topping hits, showcasing the talent of industry giants and fresh, new voices. Stereo Productions, a recipient of several music awards, stands as a testament to its recognition in the industry. Today, Stereo Productions is a beacon in the international dance music scene, fostering strategic marketing relationships with organizations worldwide.

Stereo prides itself on being a trendsetter in the industry. They are a professional team that provides high-quality music and poignantly delivers to their countless fans the underground essence of Iberican Electronic Music.

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01 /05 – ABOUT US

Stereo Productions, a pioneer in contemporary electronic music, has become the face of the thriving Spanish electronic music scene. With over two decades of leading the charge in cutting-edge club music, the acclaimed label also has a compelling weekly radio show hosted by its creator, DJ CHUS.

This radio show promises an electrifying experience for global electronic music enthusiasts, featuring exclusive live performances, innovative studio mixes, artist spotlights, and upcoming Stereo Productions release previews. Broadcasted on over 300 radio stations via, it stands as the most listened podcast on the platform, reaching millions of avid listeners weekly. Get ready for a sonic journey with Stereo Productions, hosted by DJ Chus.

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05 /05 – SUBSCRIBE

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