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The seventh edition of BPM inspired Stereo Productions and gave birth to a new project for 2014: a new release combining twelve different tracks selected with great care by Chus & Ceballos. Being extraordinarily talented artists, they prepared a perfect mix of Techno and Tech-house sounds for this release. And as if it was not enough, there will also be special contributions with Christian Smith and Oscar de Rivera!. The release, “Stereo Production goes to Playa del Carmen”, will offer work by many colorful artists that got together to express sensations under one organic soul, characterizing their unique label. A nod to Mexico and more specifically to this amazing and unique party scene will appear through those tracks.
This combination of big productions and new revelations will be showcased by Stereo Productions in Kool Beach on January 5th. Other artists will also be part of this incredible performance such as Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, and Alx.
The album, exclusively made to be broadcasted on Beatport opens with Blowin’ Minds, a production featuring Chus & Ceballos in special collaboration with Oscar Rivera. Get ready to experience fine sounds with a rising melody flow, accented by intermingled sharp staccatos. This track Is perfect to introduce the rest of the album which includes many surprises. And icing on the cake, Christian Smith, commander of Tonic, makes us dream with The Exchange, through a clean, bold sound to which we are accustomed. The club beat with a dark base loop correctly continues the journey of this album.
The biggest surprise is perhaps Rafa Barrios and his promising new national hit just released by Intec Digital. Barrios’ work on Big Heart has been able to go beyond the confines of mainstream to create a unique tech-house sound; a danceable mental trip, perfect for bringing in the New Year. Another big name is Victor Vera, who could be the faithful reflection of 2014. He makes his mark by paving the way with style. After working with Intec Digital and Toolroom Records, this talented DJ has landed at Stereo Productions with Apollo. Apollo carries a techno reference with an intense line and beat and lots of personality. Like his label, Reptilian Records, his talent has not gone unnoticed on the scene. Patrick M brings to the table Quest, a vocal techno with molten tribal tones. The talented Sergio Fernandez’s warm vocals in World without Words follow in line with his previous work, such as his track recently released by Suara. On the other hand, Arjun Vagael is currently one of the top rated DJs and producers in India due to the large base he has created with his high-quality work. Get ready to experience Techno with flavor for your soul. In addition, Collective machine, DJ Fronter, Ismael Dewler, Eric Montero, Horatio, Gruuv Elements, el italiano Alex M, John Stoongard y Joe Burnning will be stopping by to put in their musical two cents for good measure. John Brunning closes this release with a fun track called “Latin Shake”. As the title conveys, this song will make you move until the end of the night with its fresh tones.
This crazy-talented line up of star-studded DJs makes this soundtrack perfect for one of the world’s most important festivals. The Djs are sharing their style and personal touch in this album. All put together, this makes it a totally unique release in which you will be able to feel the passion of these artists. “Stereo Production goes to Playa del Carmen” is one release you will not want to miss.