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DJCHUS is proud to present what we believe will be this summers essential album, BALEARICA 2010. Since you cant have too much of a good thing, we will be serving this compilation in two helpings: Part 1 – The Day – (June 9th) & Part 2 – The Night – (July 7th). In BALEARICA 2010 we can enjoy the full range of Stereo Productions founders ample repertoire from the casual beach daytime party sets to the late night heated club session atmosphere.

Now it is time to Put away the flip flops and dress to impress for the night…. all freaks welcome! Now Chus cocktail will be served..….LOUD! and with smoking! The Night starts with the new Dj Chus & Ron Mirage production, – Manonegra – that will be for sure a big tune for the peak time hours, the incredible sound of this two music monsters!. There is also new tracks from the awesome spanish producers and djs Abel Ramos & Raul Cremona and Oscar de Rivera & Ismael Rivas. The new remixes from the classic Stereo tunes – Afrika – (Chus & Ceballos) from Coyu, – Out There – (Victor Calderone & Carlos Fauvrelle) from Carlo Lio, – Black Rain – (Dj Chus) from Joe K, – Low Frequencies – (Chus & Ceballos, Richie Santana) from Zakir A & Alex Mega and – Hot Room – (Dj Vive & Carlos Fauvrelle feat Alan T) from great Oscar G. Also included the tracks from Dj Chus with Supernova – Carnavalesco – that is out with Strichly Rhythm and is avalaible for Spain and Portugal. And finally to enjoy this stuning compilation the amazing productions from our talents Jesse Perez, Patrick M, David Herrero, Chris Soul… and the new stereo joining members with Pablo Kopanos, The Machine and Solomon King. Always in a rush to make your music gorgeous for your gig night? Then look no further, this is the compilation for you! A serious and an elegant sound that will stun & impress everyone, perfect for getting The Night of your life!