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    Q&A Session with Alex Kennon

    Categories: Interviews
    Tags: alex kennon, Chus+Ceballos, podcast, radio show, Stereo Productions

    Barcelona and Ibiza based artist Alex Kennon it’s our latest guest for the Stereo Productions podcast. Find some more about his set:

    • We want to be ready, any advice before pressing play?
      No advice, just take one hour free to listen to the mix. ;)
    • Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?
      I try always to put inside a mix with fresh music from other artists and myself. I think a podcast is like a good way to promote the newest tracks around, always in line with my style.
    • In what setting should we be in to appreciate the mix most?
      This is a nice question, hmmm (thinking). I could say a lot of big monitor brands, but everywhere you feel comfy with quality sound around. :)

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