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It’s an honor to present this young London based DJ and producer Paride Saraceni. Get to know a little bit more about his podcast episode on Stereo Productions:

  • Where and how was this set recorded?
    It was recorded in my home-studio in London. I use timecode Vinyls on Traktor, an A&H Xone 92, sampler and ableton live running FXs and a drum machine I assembled with various percs.

  • We want to be ready, any advice before pressing play?
    Sit back, relax and really let it take you somewhere magic. :)
  • Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?
    I believe not everybody who knows me from my recent productions would expect this sound from me, however I am a great lover of Deep House and Tech House music alongside Techno, and love to get deep and explore organic sounds especially when spring approaches… I played some old tracks in here and some classics from Stereo which has always been a label of great inspiration from me. I had in mind to create something along their lines, very groovy and tribal-ish yet keeping my style :)
  • In what setting should we be in to appreciate the mix most?
    Possibly outdoor! And if you are crazy (or lucky) enough, go listen to it in a jungle or a forest or somewhere near a beach at 7 pm or so, when the sun is about to set. The last 20 minutes of the mix in my mind is really the soundtrack of a dramatic tropical sunset, and the last 10 minutes, the night has set in and Bumba closing it is really the anthem to start a fucking great summer night!

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