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Stereo Productions is back with another essential new EP, this time from the legendary Portuguese artist DJ Vibe.

This iconic DJ and producer has been active since the 80s and has been involved in the launch of some of the most important clubs in his country, has held residencies all over Portugal and has even been in an indie band as well as making DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs on a number of occasions.

This Friday, February 3rd, his latest work will be released as ‘Savage EP’ with two top tracks.


1.- You are still considered the Best Portuguese DJ of all time, how would you describe your sound to those are not as familiar? 

Yeah, it has been a long journey. 

I like to go from House to Techno, and on these days with all this equipment available, I like to pick a drum track from a record and mix it with a bass line from another track, then add some fx´s for example, in order to get something original on that moment, when I’m playing live.


2.- You’re playing in New York alongside Chus & Ceballos, how long does your relationship with them go back? Would you say you share a similar sound? Excited about this gig in NY?

I met Chus in Algarve in 1990 at Kadoc Club, this was really long time ago. Ceballos appeared few years later. We have some sounds in common, yes! 

I really can’t wait to play with them in NYC on February 19th.


3.- Now tell us about your new release on Stereo Productions ‘Savage / Bang The Clock EP’.

Since the day I opened Industria Club six years ago, I moved to Oporto and had to stop studio work, four years later after a long period without being in the studio I came back to Lisbon and got back in the studio.

I started these two banging tracks (Savage & Bang The Clock) three years ago, and I’m very happy that Chus signed it on Stereo Productions.


4.- Look in your iTunes and tell us what the very top three tracks are.

Just Bossa Nova at this moment, I’m on vacation!

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