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Our good friend Technasia was our first guest for the Stereo Productions Podcast 2017. Know a little bit more about his podcast episode: 

  • Where and how was this set recorded? We want to be ready, any advice before pressing play?

I recorded it during Christmas while I was on the road in between shows, so it’s not one to chill out. Expect some stomping groovy beats!


  • Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

It’s always difficult to make a podcast, because you want to give the listener the idea of what you play when you are in a club or a festival. But because it is mostly a listening experience rather than a dancing one, you have to keep that in mind all the time when you make your track selection. I made a good balance between some heavy techno bangers from Jerome Sydenham and NiCe7, and some softer groovy stuff from Dennis Cruz and Arno Stolz. Add in there a few big hits and tracks of mine and it gives a proper balance and energy to the mix I think.


  • In what setting should we be in to appreciate the mix most?

Wherever and whenever the listener feels like listening to it! It’s music, so your perception of it always varies according to your mood. But I’d say it’s definitely not some Cafe Del Mar downtempo shit (laughs).


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