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Loco & Jam are no strangers to the world Techno. Know more about their podcast episode.


  • Where and how was this set recorded? We want to be ready, any advice before pressing play?.

This set was recorded live at Sanseis in Tokyo on 27th August… It was only a 90 minute set so there was no feeling out process…We had to step on the gas!. 


  • Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?.

We played the peak time set at a proper Techno party… We had to keep the set full of energy without loosing the signature Loco & Jam groove. When we play we like to take things up and down from tough to groovy.. We always find it very boring when a DJ keeps things on the one level so thats always on our minds when creating a playlist…


  • In what setting should we be in to appreciate the mix most?.

The mix has something for everyone.. It was recorded live in the club but it has enough groove that you could enjoy in the car or in the gym… If you like your Techno tougher or more groove based this mix has it all.


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