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Q&A Session with D-FORMATION

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DJ, producer and head of a worldwide reference label such as Beatfreak Recordings. Your career began more than 25 years ago and you have shown once again your exquisite musical quality with your last release in Suara for example. 

  • What has been your formula in order to maintain your status throughout these years? Apart from hard work, do you have any other advice or recommendation, something that has worked for you to never let your guard down?

My perseverance and my love for music combined with hard work have helped me overcome all of the obstacles that appear in an artist’s life. Truthfully, maintaining yourself over the years isn’t easy, especially the excitement you have at the beginning. The desire that one has to achieve one’s goals is hard to keep, some artists think about giving up, and it has definitely crossed my mind, but thanks to my motivation I have dealt with all those obstacles and continued doing what I love. 

  • Your evolution over the years in DJ booths has been spectacular, but have you seen this change reflected in your equipment in your studio? Do you still have any machines that you’ve used since you began?

Well, many old machines are being reused nowadays, everyone knows analogical is back. Like almost every artist 20 years ago, I too had my studio filled with all kinds of machines, then came the software era and we all started using it for mere convenience. So I sold many of the machines I had, something that I now regret. I only preserve my Roland JD 800 and my Mackie mixer table 24:8. 

  • Is there any artist with whome you would like to collaborate?

Quite a few, there are many great producers at the moment who don’t necessarily have to be famous. But for example I would love to collaborate with Dixon.

  • If we take a look at your music player, what would we find apart from electronic music?

I don’t have a lot of time to listen to music outside my professional spectrum, but I like all kinds of music as long as it complies with a certain musical quality. But I definitely have heard many different styles and trends in terms of music through the years as a musician.

  • What Stereo Productions track have you played the most in your sessions?

There is a track that I love and play whenever I can. I included it in the new podcast for Stereo, it’s called Manguria by Baccarat. There are many others but since you only asked for one… J

  • In relation with your set for Stereo, where and how was it recorded? We want to be ready, any advice before pressing play?

This set is part of one of the sessions I usually play in Bulgaria, in Plazma Club to be precise. I use Tracktor with CDJ Nexus and my controlers as I do in all of my sets.

My advice is to forget everything and enjoy, I hope you like it. J

Big hug for all the Stereo Productions Team, their fans and of couse for mine.

  • You can enjoy his episode again here:

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