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INTERVIEW WITH: Henry Sainz & Marc Marzenit.

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We had a little chat with Henry Saiz and Marc Marzenit some week ago. This what they told us about their work together, and their remix released on Stereo Productions.


1.- How did you two first meet each other, where and when?

We met on tinder few weeks ago, after some awkward disfunctional sex we decided to stay friends and work together in music! haha No, we met through myspace and common friends around 2005 or 2006, we became really close friends till now!


 2.- Why did you start working together, who did you know it will work?

It just made sense cus we have many things in common about how we approach music making, we never knew 100% it would work but it was worth it to try and for sure have fun during the process! 


3.- Do you have set jobs in the studio? How do you organice the creative process of the ALL I WANT remix?  

It´s always very chaotic, we just go with the flow, is not like “you do the drums i´ll do the bass” and so on.. but when we want it to be more techno we let Marc to do more like the beats and Henry the melodic part, but yeah it changes everytime so it did approaching Chus & Ceballos´ remix. 


4.- Which are your near future plans together? 

More touring at some point, more back to back sessions since we enjoy that SO much and hopefuly be able to work on a full ep together if we can match schedules soon,


 5.- We´re celebrating 15 years of the label. Which cloud be the Stereo Productions track you have played more? 

Henry: Of course our remix lol  but yeah I´ve been playing Uner´s remix of ABISINIA a lot during this year.
I’m not sure what track I played the most, but this year I played quite a lot Joseph Capriati’s remix of DIBIZA from Danny Tenaglia.


Listen again the Henry Sainz & Marc Marzenit´s remix of ALL I WANT, a masterpiece:   

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