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Chus+Ceballos are back in Madrid with Stereo! On Tour

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After the outstanding success of the first Stereo! On Tour event, at the past BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Stereo brings his new burning event to La Riviera Club in Madrid, as in Mexico, led by the duo from Madrid, who after years of success in America, are finally performing in the Spanish Capital.

Madrid, February 5th, 2013. Stereo inaugurated in style the new year premiering the first official tour event at the recognized BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen; the tour will take the brand over the planet and also the artists from the sister Agency ‘Talento DJ Agency’: The Stereo! On Tour. Stereo was the only Spanish brand with presence at this important festival yearly held in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen; it’s the largest festival in Central America with brands and labels telling the likes of Minus, Cadenza, Cocoon, Music On, Toolroom, Desolat and Hot Creations, among others.

This time, the venue for the second official event is the city of Madrid, that, among other major facts, will be the return back home of Stereo and, above all, Chus+Ceballos. After a long and unstoppable American tour, visiting through such important clubs and festivals worldwide such as Pacha NYC, Club Space Miami, Cielo NYC, Marquee Las Vegas, Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival Toronto and The Week Brazil, besides performing in the antipodes recently for the first time, the duo is now preparing for his return to Spain, birthplace of both artists and it will definitely be a must-attend event for all Stereo fans in Spain.

La Riviera, in the heart of the Spanish Capital, will be responsable for hosting the event on Saturday, March 2nd, which will feature a line-up of most Iberian, Oscar de Rivera, Ismael Rivas, Sergio Fernandez, Rafa Barrios (new addition to the roster of ‘DJ Talent Agency’) and Pakito Baeza with his live percussion.

Stereo Productions meanwhile, recently just launched their release number 103, which is positioned in the Top 100 Tech House with only a few days old: ‘Between Us’ is the new track from Chus and Portuguese producer Nuno Clam with the appealing voice of Velvet Voice. Stereo sublabels Stereo Cool and Almibar Recordings continue in the top-of-mind and fall within the list of most important digital sales as one of the best-selling Spanish labels currently.

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