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Chart: Oscar de Rivera February Chart 2013

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Oscar de Rivera is one of the Stereo all-time talents with long career behind. 16 years endorses Oscar as one of the top Spanish artists at the moment. He’s just released this amazing chart before the beginning of February! Give Oscar a shout out and share this!!
  1. Jesse Rose – Love The Feeling High Feat. Ed Weathers (Original Mix) / Play It Down
  2. Paul Rodner – Black Magic (Original Mix) / Bitten
  3. Goya – House At The Sea (Psychemagik Edit) / Leng Records
  4. Sebastian Radlmeier – Is It Me or Is It You? (Carlo Lio Remix) / Ideal Audio
  5. Idriss D – Sunset In Kreuzberg (Tom Clark’s High Noon Mix) / Memento
  6. Kenlou – Moonshine (Original Mix) / MAW Records
  7. Pirupa & EdOne – Big Oldies (Original Mix) / Material
  8. Reset Robot – Moosel (Original Mix) / Intacto
  9. Dosem – Star Safari (Original Mix) / Suara
  10. Glimpse – Oafish (Original Mix) / Hypercolour

Artist info:

It is hard to explain in a few words Oscar de Rivera’s long and successful career, which has last more than 16 years. What really defines his work and his way of facing this job is constancy, quality and self-assurance. Oscar posses a clear and refined musical style having in House Music his leading identity. Expert in all the techniques required by this musical style, Oscar evolves perfectly around all the different expressions of House Music, playing nowadays in his sets from Deep, Electro, Minimal or Tribal to the most Underground House. Oscar is nowadays one of the most respected Spanish Clubbing Scene Dj’s. We have to add that Oscar is the resident Dj of one of the most important club in Madrid, PEOPLE. From March 2002 every Thursday in Valladolid’s club Mambo Oscar brings life to his session ‘Roombah’.

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