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Chart: Rafa Barrios January 2013 Heolap Chart

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Rafa Barrios doesn’t stop growing and we are aware of it. Talented producer and coming from the South of Spain, he has published this amazing chart named ‘Heolap’, his track on Stereo Productions released on the BPM Release ‘Stereo Goes to Playa del Carmen’. SP102 is available exclusively on Beatport:
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  1. Rafa Barrios - Heolap / Stereo Productions
  2. Chus+Ceballos, Marlon D - Partenza!  / Stereo Productions
  3. George Morel - My Thing / Suara
  4. Nathan Barato - The Mitchell Rhythm / Blackflag Recordings
  5. Ramon Tapia - Y Not / Say What? Recordings
  6. Spencer K - Benjouda / Bouq
  7. UnoMas (MIA) - The Real O.G. / Stereo Productions
  8. Uto Karem - Earth Link / Agile Recordings
  9. David Herrero - Together (Hollen Remix) / Get Funky Music
  10. Dragos Roban - Inapoi / Susurrous

Artist info:

Born in 1986 in Sevilla, this young man, after several years as a DJ and producer
started at the young age of 14 years. His songs have been heard around the world: Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Ibiza… And one of its tracks was also presented La
Factoria (Maxima FM Radioshow) in 2011. Since he started producing, his music has been released in labels such as Suara, Liebe Detail, Blackflag Recordings, Sphera Records, Younan Music, Lapsus Music, Lokomotion, Reisei, Ole Music, and more… He is now producing alongside great international house producers as Carlo Lio, Doomwork, David Herrero, Aldo Cadiz, NDKJ, Cuartero and many others who have produced for labels such as Desolat, VIVa Music and many more… In 2012, Rafa launched a new project called DOOD RECORDS, a label focused on house music.

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